Frequently Asked Questions

For Romania in general:

Why Romania?

Romania is a very versatile holiday destination and although it is not even 500 km away from Austria and a EU member state since 2007, it is mostly unknown. Precisely for this reason the people in Romania have preserved their traditional hospitality. With its Black Sea coast, the immeasurable cultural treasures of Transylvania and the unique landscape of the Carpathian mountains this country is especially attractive for active vacationers as a country without borders …

What is particularly worth seeing?

Most popular with western tourists is Transylvania (Siebenbuergen). Here you will come across the traces of its German past. Sibiu (Hermannstadt) “European Cultural Capital 2007” has turned out to be a tourist magnet, but Brasov (Kronstadt), Sighisoara (Schassburg) are also very interesting cities with German history and tradition. Apart from Transylvania, the regions “Bukovina” (Moldova monasteries), “Maramures” (original peasant culture) and the “Danube Delta” (landscape of the Year 2007 – 2009) are worth a visit. However, the discerning traveller will best find the “true Romania” a little away from the most popular tourist centres.

How dangerous is Romania?

Romania is much safer than its reputation suggests. Nevertheless, as in almost any popular tourist centre and densely populated area – sometimes small scale crimes such as pickpockets can happen. Having said that, you nevertheless have to pay attention to your wallet and travel bag (as in Italy or Spain…). However, you need certainly not fear for life or well being. Especially in the countryside, there is hardly any crime.

What do I have observe upon entering the country?

EU citizens don’t need any visa. You only need a valid passport or identity card. For children an identity card with a photograph or a record in the family pass is needed. If you arrive by car, you have to present the vehicle documents, your driving licence and an international insurance guarantee (green card). Romania is a member of the EU, but has not yet ratified the Schengen treaty, so there are still some border control posts.

About Casa in Natura:

What ist Casa in Natura?

Casa Natura is a project, which aims to help the development of rural areas in Romania through ecotourism by providing expert advice und thus generating new perspectives and income. For the traveller Casa in Natura should represent an easy way to find stylish rural vacation rentals in Romania and make reservations safe and easy.

How can I find my suiable property?

First choose  RENT -> PROPERTIES from the upper menue for a properties list or use the SEARCH form. You can search by regions, locations, type of holiday home, number of persons. You can also search on a map or use the full text search.

How do I make a booking?

First of all, you should choose your holiday home and verify its availability by checking the calendar. Then please press the “book now” button and fill in the form. Please first read more about the booking procedure here.

How do I get the documents?

We send the booking confirmation and (after payment) your travel coupon (voucher), directions and contact information via e-mail to your email address. If you have any questions, we will of course be happy to oblige.

How can I pay?

Together with the confirmation / invoice you will receive our bank details. Please transfer all payments exclusively to this account. Payment by credit card and cash in Romania (except possibly for additional services) is not possible.

How do I get there?

As most of the listed properties are situated away from the cities, they are often difficult or even impossible to reach with public transport. We therefore recommend that you use your own vehicle or a rental car.

What else do I have to consider?

TransylvaniaTravel is working as a travel agent. The contractual basis are always the booking and cancellation terms of the respective owners. To protect yourself from any unforeseen events, we recommend a travel and cancellation cost insurance.