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General Terms and Conditions
The booking agency „SC Transylvania Travel SRL” (hereafter called Transylvania Travel) operates under the name „Casa in Natura”, merely as a mediator of single properties between the customer and the holiday home owner.
1. Activity description
Object of the contract is the mediation of holiday homes and holiday apartments in Romania by the agent: SC Transylvania Travel SRL, Cund 164, jud. Mures, Romania. The mediation involves thorough information, advice and choice of properties offered for rent.
2. Making the contract
On the booking order, Transylvania Travel offers the customer to enter into a binding agreement. The reservation is performed by the agent, on behalf of all persons named in the registering paper, for whose contractual obligations, and for his own, the agent is answerable. The order must be carried aut in writing. The contract is issued with the approval and confirmation of Transylvania Travel.
3. The rental price
The rental price includes ther agent’s commission fee. Additional costs, if not mentioned in an all inclusive rental price, will be settled assessing them directly with the property owner.
4. Payment
When the contract is entered into, a deposit is due, which must be paid by the performer of the order (the customer) at the latest 7 days after receiving the written contract. The balance must be paid, as further specified in the contract, without another payment notification. The tenant receives the payment voucher directly together with all the necessary data about the rented property after paying the balance or the whole sum. In order to observe the deadline, the arrival of payment is decided by us. Payment delay entitles Transylvania Travel to cancel the contract and to charge a cancellation fee in accordance with clause 6. Payments of rent will be received in good faith on behalf of the landlord and forwarded to him.
5. Deposit
To secure against potential damage and costs for additional cleaning, the landlord is entitled to ask for a deposit. The sum will be paid back after the correct handing back of the rented property, once the vacation is over, either on departure or at the latest one week after departure, by transfer or cheque deposit, by post in full amount. TransylvaniaTravel does not assume any liability for late payback of deposits. Required additional costs can be settled at the return of the deposit.
6. Cancellation
Cancellation is possible any time before the start of the journey. It must always be declared in writing. Decisive for the cancellation deadline is the arrival of the relevant declaration at TransylvaniaTravel. In the case of cancellation or alterations, the tenant must repay TransylvaniaTravel the appropriate expenses. As long as the circumstances of cancellation, specified in the contractual agreement, were not passed on to the landlord, the cancellation fees amount to, according to the moment of declaration of cancellation:
+ up to 60 days before the start of tenancy, 25%;
+ up to 30 days before the start of tenancy, 50% of the whole price;
+ from 29 days before the start of tenancy, the whole price as lump sum damage recovery, unless the hired property can be rented further for the same timespan, at the same price. In this case only the amount of 25 % from the whole price is due as administration fees, unless the tenant himself provides a replacment tenant, who matches the conditions mentioned in the contract. For this TransylvaniaTravel charges a fee of 50E. If different cancellation conditions were passed on, according to the contract, to the landlord, they constitute the contractual basis on which TransylvaniaTravel settles an additional flat fee of 50E. We recommend taking out insurance for trip cancellation.
For a cancellation after the conclusion of the contract (for instance a different number of people, different arrival/departure etc) TransylvaniaTravel charges a 50E fee, as long as the change is possible and the change does not amount to a cancellation as specified at point 6.
7. Duties of Tenants
In order to conclude a renting through TransylvaniaTravel, the tenant must provide valid thirdparty insurance, covering potential damage abroad.. The tenant has to treat the property and its inventory carefully and needs to use it exclusively as a dwelling. Subletting, without written permission of the agent is prohibited. The tenant is obliged to keep the rented property clean, tidy and to leave it cleaned. Otherwise the landlord will request a charge due for additional cleaning costs. The same is valid when the owner, at the costs of the tenant, undertakes a so called “final cleaning”. Questions of cleanliness concern exclusively the relation owner-tenant. The property can only be occupied with the number of persons specified in the tenancy contract, where children count as full persons. The owner reserves the right to turn away unapproved extra persons. It is strictly forbidden, to set up tents or camping vans of any kind on the ground belonging to the house, or to install in the house camping beds, or other reclining seats. The accommodation can be reserved, as a rule, on arrival from 4pm. On departure day, the accomodation must be left towards 10 am – if not specified otherwise in the booking statement. In case of a late arrival the owner and the tenant are not liable either for additional costs or for eventual damage. The journeys to and from the property are one’s own responsibility. The tenant is invited to check, on arrival, the inventory of property and to announce the shortcomings within 24 hours to the owner, hirer or administrator, so they can be remedied. Also any the other complaints over the tenancy must be announced immediately to the owner, hirer or administrator. If this is not possible, please contact TransylvaniaTravel. Complaints submitted later cannot be taken into account.
The tenant has to handle carefully the accomodation together with the inventory and is obliged to declare all damages caused by him during his stay, to the owner, hirer, or administrator or, in case this is not attainable, to TransylvaniaTravel, and to replace them. Possible additional hiring conditions set by the hirer remain unaffected by the above rules.
8. Liability
TransylvaniaTravel is committed to a careful selection of the properties which you are going to rent and to a careful processing of your booking. The basis for the payments due according to the tenancy contract are the country’s standard of common practice and the usual customs at the place of destination. Estimates and presentations not concerned with the hired property itself, but informing about the landscape and the holiday location, have an unbinding informal character. All areas and distances data are estimates shared by the owners and are not guaranteed. TransylvaniaTravel assumes no liability for disruptions of activity, e.g. a) in an unfamiliar sector, only mediated by us; b) whose causes are beyond our sphere of influence, especially in cases of war, strike and lockout, local unrests, epidemics, natural disasters, state interventions etc; c) concerning local supply and waste disposal provisions e.g. power, water and other forms of energy, especially when those disruptions depend on higher forces or local weather conditions; failures and disruptions of electrical appliances, or sanitary items, which occur from wear and tear or wrong use; disruptions which happen in the neighbourhood and in the wider surroundings, d) from a service provider, whose liability according to internal or exeternal legal specifications is exempt or limited; e) TransylvaniaTravel can write off from the contract personal items lost by the owner e.g by theft or fire, taking into account circumstances unforseeable on making the contract (e.g. serious illness or death of the hirer etc), without demanding damage compensation. In this case the tenant will be offered another rented property, of similar value. If this is not possible, the already completed payment will be repaid in full. Questions concerning the tidiness and equipment of holiday houses concern exclusively the relation hirer-tenant.
9. Completion and settlement
All travellers’ claims of damage compensation must be put across to the respective owner, hirer or administrator. The place of completion and settling is the locality of the stay concerned, i.e. residence place of the owner, hirer or administrator.
10. Generalities
The cancelling of single provisions of the contract and/or some of its general contractual conditions doesn’t involve the cancellation of the whole contract. Omissions of regulations have to be fulfilled in the spirit of the other specifications. Verbal agreements become effective only if confirmed in writing by TransylvaniaTravel. Information of any kind is given with the best of our knowledge, however with no guarantee.
Issued: March 2018
Transylvania Travel SRL
Travel Agency
Cund 164, jud. Mures, Romania
Tel. +40 (0) 788/ 63 24 81

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