Bine ati venit – Welcome

Welcome to Casa in Natura – the portal for rural vacation rentals in Romania.

Romania – the new EU member state in South East Europe – is an attraction for people in search of the original. While life nearly 20 years after the revolution in the Romanian cities is more and more assimilating to Central European standards, it seems, that the progress of time has come to a stand still in the countless small villages. Here horse and ox carts are still the prevailing means of transport, geese graze on the village square, in the “Rush Hour” the shepherds drive their cow and sheep herds through the village and the farmers still work their fields and pastures by hand – or with the help of farming “equipment”, familiar to Western European only by their visits to local heritage museums. Children play barefoot in the village square and around the village wells and farmers gather for a chat. Although people here often barely generate enough income through their hard work to make a living, it seems that stress in Romanian villages is still a foreign word.

Let yourself be charmed by this simple lifestyle, experience authentic Romanian village life, enjoy the special atmosphere of our selected rural holiday homes and the proverbial hospitality of the local population. Spend a memorable vacation of a different kind in this very special setting – away from the bustle of our western world.”